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In the Philippines, Sabong will always be the most popular and traditional sport. If you are interested in Sabong, you may wish to go Perya and bet on it. But now, You can play Online.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing Online Sabong bettors to stay at home not in Perya, online sabong is growing in popularity. In online cockfights, two roosters armed with metal spurs fight it out in a pit until one dies or is unable to continue.

Although playing Online Sabong is fairly simple, some people might get confused when watching a match and might not know what's going on. Playing Online sabong requires knowledge of the game's rules, a few terms, and how to place bets.

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Are you familiar with the Online Sabong Rules?

There are a few simple rules to Sabong, so it's a pretty simple sport to play in Perya. Since the sport itself only involves two roosters fighting in a pit until one of them can't fight anymore, the rules aren't complicated. Here are the basic rules:

  • Sabong matches consist of three stages: Ulatan, Ruweda, and the actual match.
  • In order to ensure fairness, roosters of similar height, weight, size, and wingspan are paired together during the Ulatan.
  • During the Ruweda, the roosters are held by their owners so the audience can observe and evaluate them, while the announcer announces the terms of the fight and Kristo collects bets.       
  • Metal blades or spurs are fitted to the competing roosters.
  • In their cockpits, the roosters fight until one or both of them are unable to continue.
  • Each rooster is given a set amount of time to fight, usually between 10-15 minutes.
  • The rooster wins when its opponent dies or when the judge or referee declares it the winner.

What are the rules of Sabong | Online Sabong

Keeping these rules in mind will enable bettors to understand what happens in a sabong match and enjoy it instead of simply placing meron, Wala, or draw bets.

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What is the best way to get started playing Online Sabong?

The process of learning how to start playing online sabong differs from the process of learning how to win at sabong in Perya. The first step in starting to play is finding an online casino or online sabong site to register in. In addition to providing betting options, Go Perya also offers other casino games that other gamblers can enjoy.

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How to get started playing Sabong | Online Sabong
A good online casino should have the following characteristics:

  • Bonuses and promotions that are generous.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • Payments are secure.
  • A wide variety of games are available, like Slots , Lotto , and Card Games .
  • Casinos or gaming providers that are licensed.
  • Live dealer games are available.

Obviously, Online Sabong sites will have fewer games than other online casinos, but it's ideal to be powered by a provider that provides multiple matches for gamblers to choose from. To be able to place bets on an online casino or sabong betting site, a bettor must first register and make a deposit.

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Online Sabong Betting: How to Get Started

Follow these steps to start betting on Sabong online:

  • You can go to Perya or another online casino or sabong betting site.
  • Create an account.
  • You can also download the Go Perya mobile app.
  • Deposit money.
  • Go to the sabong betting option.
  • Place your bets.

Betting on online sabong matches is different from learning how to play perya sabong. First-time bettors might not know how sabong matches work, so it's important to learn. It's still a good idea for seasoned bettors to look into tips to win in online sabong matches so they enjoy the game and win real money.

Downloading an online sabong app, such as Go Perya, is an option for betting.       

Play Online Sabong Live Nustabet

What are the Benefits of Betting on Online Sabong?

There are several advantages to betting on online sabong matches rather than in traditional perya or cockpits. The following are some of these benefits:

Why bet on cockfights online? | Online Sabong
Promotions and bonuses

Gamblers can use casino bonuses to win more real money depending on the online casino they choose. Go Perya offers the following bonuses:

  • Bonus when you sign up       
  • Bonuses for referrals       
  • Programs for VIPs       

To withdraw the bonus money as real money, Online Sabong bettors must meet certain rollover requirements.

Place your bets anywhere

In addition to the web-based betting experience they already provide, most online casinos and sabong sites have legit online sabong apps. Using a desktop to bet on sabong matches allows gamblers to bet from home, while using the Go Perya mobile app allows them to bet anywhere as long as they're connected to the internet.       

Minimums are low and maximums are high       

Online Sabong betting sites generally allow users to bet low and allow high maximum bets, so bettors won't have to worry about placing small or large bets. Go Perya allows gamblers to stake a minimum of 20 PHP and a maximum of 5,000 PHP.       

Conclusion - Online Sabong 

Online Sabong is fairly easy to play, and gamblers only need a basic understanding of the rules to get started. By placing a Meron, Wala, or draw bet on a secure site, gamblers can even start playing without understanding anything and still have a chance to win.       

Randomly betting and not understanding why you're winning or losing isn't as fun as knowing what's going on. The rules of online sabong are fairly straightforward, and there aren't any complicated bets that are likely to confuse new players.       

Getting started with Online Sabong requires registering at a reliable online casino or betting site. It ensures that the gambler won't be scammed or have their data stolen. For bettors to enjoy perya and appreciate the matches, knowing the rules comes second.      

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