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⏩Are you looking for fun Slot Games? The top 5 Jili slot game rankings of online casinos in the Philippines are here. ✔️The best online game to play when you are bored. All you need is a mobile device and GCash to play.🎁

The design of JILI slot games is original. This makes them instantly catch the eye of online players. If you haven't tried JILI slot games, I sincerely recommend Top Five most popular video slot machines below. You will have a positive experience and be reluctant to log out.         


☆ Super Ace ☆           

Super Ace | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino                                     
 Super Ace game (Online Slots) has two special cards, and each represents a different function, such as Golden Card and Joker Card. When you have both cards and successfully connect, your winnings are doubled.                                    

→ Functions of Golden Card:                                     

Super Ace Golden Card J | Jili Slot | Nustabet Online CasinoSuper Ace Golden Card Q | Jili Slot | Nustabet Online CasinoSuper Ace Golden Card | Jili Slot | Nustabet Online CasinoSuper Ace Golden Card Ace | Jili Slot | Nustabet Online Casino

"Golden Card" will only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. "Golden Symbol" will flip and transform to "Joker Symbol" after elimination.

Super Ace Joker Card | Jili Slot Games | Nustabet Online Casino

→ Features of Joker Card:                                     

Super Ace Golden Joker Ace | Jili Slot | Nustabet Online CasinoSuper Ace Joker Card | Jili Slot | Nustabet Online Casino

The "Joker Symbol" only transforms from "Golden Symbol" of elimination.

The “Joker Card” comes in two modes: “Big Joker Card” and “Little Joker Card”.

Big Joker Symbol” will replace 1 to 4 number of symbols (Except the Scatter and Joker Symbol) randomly pick on reel 2 to 5 by "Big Joker Symbol".

"Little Joker Symbol", The "Golden Symbol" transform to "Joker Symbol" only.

Super Ace Free Spin | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online CasinoSuper Ace Big Win | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino
→ Get a Free Game opportunity:                                     

Landing 3 "SCATTER" in the Free Game will trigger addition 5 free spin which is available to stack.

"The Combo Multiplier" has 4 levels as x2, x4, x6, and x10 in Free Game.

Let's Play Jili Super Ace         


☆ Money Coming ☆                      

Top 2 Money Coming | Jili Games | Jili Slots | Nustabet Online Casino
Money Coming has magical power. Once players begin playing Money Coming, they can't stop. I didn't believe it even before I played it. But once you try it, you won't be able to stop.                           

The three spinners on the left represent the amount won. The dial on the right represents magnification and special functions such as 2x, 5x, 10x, SCATTER, and WHEEL ALL RESPIN.                           

Money Coming Win 20x | Jili Games | Nustabet Online Casino
→ Wheel All Respin - Money Coming Win 20x                         

Origianl ₱100 + Wheel All Respin ₱100 = ₱200                           

Turn the ₱10 bet 20 times into ₱200.

Money Coming gives you the chance to double your winnings every round and enjoy the thrill of winning twice, just like Mega Ball Bingo.

Money Coming Scatter to win more | Jili Games | Nustabet Online Casino

→ SCATTER to win more:                            

When you only win ₱10, don't give up. The game is not over yet. Because there is also a chance wheel on the right side that allows you to win more money. If you turn to "SCATTER", the roulette in the upper left corner will be activated. Players have the opportunity to receive a bonus of up to ₱2,000. This time I switched ₱10 to ₱210 and doubled the bet by as much as 20 times.

Let's Play Jili Money Coming          


☆ Boxing King ☆         

Boxing Money | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino
What are you doing when everyone is playing Boxing King?            

A slot machine game that only costs ₱1. The game differs from others in that it has a very beautiful boxing animation. Players can enjoy the thrill of fighting through spinning.                    

There are 88 paylines in total for Boxing King. If there are two paylines on the screen, only the one with the highest multiplier is counted and paid out.                    

Boxing King Free Spin | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino

→ SCATTER to Free Spin:                   

The more "SCATTER" you get, the more free spins you can win. Just like other games, players can get free spins after collecting more than 3 "SCATTER".

What's more special is that during the free spin period, there will be ringing bells for boxing matches. Every time it appears, you can add 1 more free spin chance.

Boxing King Super Win | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino

→ Super WIN:                   

Not only big win, mega win, the Boxing King has a “SUPER WIN”" mechanism that allows players to have the opportunity to multiply their bonuses by 2000 times.

From the basic multiplier of the pattern, the multiplier of COMBO to the cumulative multiplier of SCATTER's FREE SPIN, the chances of winning are increased through various ways of playing.

Let's Play Jili Boxing King         


☆ Charge Buffalo ☆         

Charge Buffalo | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino
Charge Buffalo, a video slot with 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4096 ways, lets you experience the wildlife of ancient times.            

Buffaloes, deer, bears, wolves, and punned WILD and SCATTER coins. Every game design detail is tailored to the player. An immersive experience is comparable to a local casino. The atmosphere of the African continent can also be felt in the Philippines.           

Charge Buffalo Scatter for free spin | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online CasinoCharge Buffalo 8 free spin | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino

→ SCATTER for Free Spin:                   

The much-anticipated Free Spin moment. When players collect 3 SCATTER, they can get 8 Free Spins.

The Free Spin of Charge Buffalo makes players extra excited! Because in this state, if the player keeps getting SCATTER gold coins, the additional Free Spin is unlimited.
Charge Buffalo 25x Mega WIN | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino

→ Multiplier Up to 4000x :                   

Another reason for the popularity of Charge Buffalo is that his bonus multiplies up to 4000x

This time I used ₱2 for playtesting. In less than 1 minute I won ₱49.50 with ₱2. This multiplier is as high as 25x! Actually, I won Super WIN before this, but I didn’t have time to take a photo to record it! Welcome other friends to share your game record on Facebook and tag Nustabet! Invite your friends to join the game of Charge Buffalo together.

Let's Play Jili Charge Buffalo         


☆ Golden Empire ☆         

Golden Empire | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino
When it comes to Jili Slot Games, how could Golden Empire be missed? You haven’t played slots without playing Golden Empire.          

Unique and gorgeous Inca art setting. You will never find another visual presentation like this.          

Golden Empire Mega ways | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino

→ 32,400 Mega Ways :                   

Golden Empire slot has a total of 32,400 mega ways. Players have the opportunity to win bonuses every round through the reward mechanism that increases the chance of bonuses. All winning combinations will trigger a clearing.
When players get SCATTER, they can spin Golden Empire for free. The best online casinos in the Philippines also let you play Golden Empire for free.

Golden Empire Bet | Jili Slot Games | Slot Online | Nustabet Online Casino

→ ₱1 can start the slot game :                   

No matter how much pesos you choose to bet, it can be anywhere from ₱1 to ₱1000. One bet is made each round, and the combination is cleared once. This mechanism makes the slot machine appear fair.

The Goal of JILI Slot Games           

After having played so many JILI slot machines, did you know that the game developer JILI was only established in 2020?

JILI Slot Games offers distinctive online casino games through cutting-edge technology and rich industry experience. At present, it is mainly developed for the Asian online gaming market. However, JILI doesn't stop there. Their goal is to become the global leader in online casinos.

Let's Play Jili Slot Games         

What Can I Do after Winning Online Slot Games? 

If you win a big prize, here are some things you might consider doing:

  1. Collect your winnings
    Make sure to claim your winnings right away, whether that means cashing out at a slot machine or collecting your chips at a table game.
    How to Cash Out at Nustabet Online Casino?   
  2. Set a budget
    Consider how much you want to spend on gambling in the future. It's important to remember that gambling should be a form of entertainment, not a way to make money.
  3. Consider donating to charity
    If you've won a large sum of money, you might consider donating some of it to a worthy cause. There are many charities that could use your support, and giving back can be a meaningful way to feel happy about your winnings.
  4. Use your winnings wisely
    Consider using your winnings to improve your financial situation. This might mean paying off debt, saving for the future, or investing in something that will bring long-term benefits.
    Remember, it's important to be responsible when it comes to gambling. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose, and never chase your losses.

Postscript-Why Filipinos Love Video Slots So Much? 

Video slots online are a type of slot machine game that uses a mobile device or PC monitor to display the reels and symbols. They are often based on popular movies, TV shows, or video games, and feature colorful and immersive graphics and sound effects.

High RTP - factors that make video slots popular.    

  1. First, they often have exciting themes and storylines that keep players engaged. For example, a video slot based on a popular movie or festival might include characters, quotes, and other elements from the source material.
  2. Second, video slots often have a wide range of bonus features and mini-games that add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. These can include free spins, multipliers, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and more. These features can trigger randomly during the game or be triggered by hitting certain combinations of symbols on the reels.
  3. Finally, video slots are also known for their generous payouts and high return to player (RTP) percentages. This means that players have a high chance of winning money while playing video slots, which adds to their appeal. For example, the RTP of Jili Slot 777 is 99%. I cannot find a reason for not playing it.

Overall, video slots are a fun and exciting form of online gaming that offers players a chance to win big prizes while being entertained by engaging themes and bonus features. Since we are planning to play games with real money, we must choose video slots that are fun and have a high RTP.


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