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Roleta, European Roulette, and American Roulette, there are different types. Do you know which kind of Roulette you are playing? Beware of being fooled by the casino.

Roulette , Roleta online in the Philippines, is a French-named casino game developed from Biribi in Italy. This game is one of the longest-standing games in casinos. Although Biribi was banned in 1837, it is a pity. But we can still play it online. There are two types which are European Roulette, except for the numbers from 1 to 36, there will be an extra 0, and American Roulette, which not only has a number 0, but an additional number 00. The background color of 0 and 00 are green on the wheel .

Comparison of European and American Roulette (Table)         


European Type           

American Type           

Total Number           

37 (including 0)           

38 (including 0, 00)           

House Edge           











0 and 00           

After all the gamblers decide their bet, the croupier will spin the Roulette wheel to determine the winning numbers. At this time, gamblers can no longer bet. After the wheel starts to spin, the croupier will drop a ball on the periphery of the wheel in the opposite direction. Wait until the ball lands in one of the pockets and the winning number is picked.

The croupier announces the number and places a marker on the corresponding number on the table. Next, the croupier removes all the losing bets from the table. If a gambler bets on the right numbers, the croupier will hand out winning bets to the Roulette (Roleta online) winning gambler. After the croupier has distributed all winning bets and withdraws the markers, the winning gambler can withdraw the original bet placed on the table.

Bet Roulette (Roleta Online)

No matter playing online or in a real casino, there are many ways to bet on Roulette (Roleta).  
Here are some simple betting ways you can choose: 

  1. You can choose 1 number (1~36)
  2. A variety of number combinations
  3. Colors: Red and Black
  4. Odd and Even
  5. Small numbers (1-18) and Large numbers ( 19-36)
  6. 0 (for European and American type) and 00 (for American type)

What's interesting is that a chip is not limited to betting a single number. Chips can be placed on the lines between the number boxes. There are names for betting ways you need to know.

  1. A single-number bet is called a Straight bet. After you have chosen the numbers you want to bet on, place your chips in the number squares on the table.
  2. A bet on the line of two adjacent numbers is called Split Bet.
  3. A bet in the middle of the four numbers is Corner Bet
  4. Bet on the numbers in the upper, middle and lower sections (each section has 12 numbers, first section: 1~12, second section: 13~24, last section: 25~36) and their corresponding edge numbers (1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34) on the line called Street Bet.
  5. Betting on the intersection between the numbers on the upper, middle, and lower tiers and the two edges is called Double Street Bet (house edge will keep eating away at your bankroll).

For American Roulette (Roleta online), the Casino Advantage (House Edge) is 5.26%, which is almost two times of the house edge of the European type. In addition, Bellagio and Mirage in Las Vegas have European type. If the outcome is the number zero, the gambler will only lose half of the bet, so the house edge will be reduced to 1.35%.

European Roulette (Roleta online) has another special rule called En prison. When a gambler bets on even-odds, such as high-low, even-odd, red-black, if the result of the wheel is 0, the gambler can choose to lose half of the chips or choose to spin the Roulette wheel again. If the gambler chooses to spin the wheel a second time, the croupier will then place a marker next to the chips, which means the chips have gone to prison. When the gamblers win, they can get back their original chips, and if they lose, they must pay for all the chips.

The Trick to Winning Roulette (Roleta online)

LUCKY!  In addition to knowing the rules of the game in  Roulette (Roleta online), luck accounts for a large proportion. Because the odds and probability of the Roulette (Roleta) game are fixed. The easier the betting method to win the lottery, the lower the chance of winning, but relatively speaking, it is more suitable for beginners to join the game. The betting method is simple and has a certain winning rate.

Although Roulette (Roleta online) is relatively simple to play and bet on, it is not a problem for the average gambler to bet on just luck and feeling. But since you have invested in the game, you can easily win through simple skills, and at the same time, you can enjoy the fun of the game.

- Only play European Roulette: 

American roleta has an extra 0 compared to European roleta. As long as one more number is added to this game, the winning rate will be reduced, so whether you are actually playing in casinos or online casinos, If you have a choice, you should choose European type to bet.

- Martingale method: 

Using this strategy, although you can guarantee that you will not lose, you must have strong capital to use it. Because its method is to lose 10 blocks to press 20, lose 20 to press 40, and lose 40 to press 80. In short, it is the Nth power of 10. It is impossible to lose if the bet is extended indefinitely. There will be restrictions, and you must understand the relevant rules before adopting.

- Press Red and Black to increase the winning rate of Roleta: 

You can choose the method of red, black, red and black to bet, starting from the minimum bet and increasing all the way up. The advantage of this is that even if there is a long dragon, the winning rate can still be guaranteed. Or you can choose a color to bet twice, and then switch to another color.

- Sequence technique: 

This is the most stable of all techniques, write down the numbers 1/2/3 before betting Roulette (Roleta), and set the bet amount as the number that adds the leftmost and rightmost numbers, in this case 1 +3=4, if you win after betting, erase the used numbers, leaving 2, if you lose, write the lost number on the right side of the sequence, when all the numbers disappear, you will be sure to make a profit, After that, it resets to zero and starts a new round of betting.

- Connected to the same group: 

Group the mantissa into a group in sequence order, for example, 1, 4, 7; 2, 5, 8; 3, 6, and 9 are grouped together, and then spread out separately, which can increase the gambling advantage.

- Connected with tails: 

When the tails of the tails appear, you should seize the opportunity to keep up, and the probability of winning is very high.

Play Roulette (Roleta online)  luckily?

How to improve your luck at Roulette (Roleta online)? Luck is an abstract and interesting concept. You are not able to touch it, but you can feel it. It is not enough to be good. You need luck. Many people have luck as a reason for their success or failure. Luck indeed influences your eventual success in any endeavor. The more you believe, the luckier you are. Luck is just a word, but what should we do to make it stay with us for a long time? Luck is something that we can cultivate although we can not control it. You can increase your luck by learning the habits of successful people.

1. Believe That You are Lucky

It sounds strange and makes you believe you're lucky. Actually, you can do many things with confidence when you think you are lucky. When you have confidence, you don't miss opportunities. Luck is in your hands, you must try to get it. You will have more chances to succeed. Try to pay attention, you will realize you are luckier than you thought.

2. You have to be in it to win it

It's interesting thing that people like to envy people who win the jackpot in a lottery. People may even feel jealous of why I am not the one who won the lottery. There is an interesting reason I have never won the lottery — I never buy a ticket. Therefore, if we don't work on it, it's not going to happen, although we think we have good luck. It's not just in the lottery but in most opportunities of life. Sometimes, opportunities knock at your door. Don't be afraid to open the door! You need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to accept luck into your life.

3. Do you have a lucky charm?

It's reported, some items that people consider lucky can boost their performance. The reason is that it can decrease anxiety. One famous example is David Beckham, who has many lucky charms. It is said that he always wears a new pair of football boots before every game for good luck. People need the same item or the same action to bring a sense of security. That's why many athletes carry lucky charms before the game. And repeat the same practice as accurately as possible each time. This means that everything is going well, and a good start is a lucky sign.

“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” — Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's.

Find good casinos for Roulette (Roleta)

Since Roulette Online (Roleta Online) is a game with a high banker win rate, they need to find a good casino where they can spend less money to win.

What does this mean? 

Casinos that are more friendly to gamblers may, in some cases, make unfortunate losers pay fewer bets.

For example, when a gambler makes an even money outside bet like color, odd, even, big or small numbers, and guesses the wrong number only half the bet.

At this time, the Casino Advantage becomes 2.63%, which is a good gambling environment for gamblers.

When playing roulette online, go with a secure casino with decent payment options. Ensure the online casino has a legal license from the statutory licensing authorities. On other hand, many online casinos provide various prizes which include bonuses, free spins and welcome packages. You can benefit from these gifts.

Please pay attention to these online gambling sites which offer free spins and let you play roulette easily.

Is Roulette (Roleta online) safe?

Yes. The probability of being drawn for each number is fixed, and each time the result of Roulette (Roleta online) is random. 
The difference between Roulette (Roleta online) and land casinos is that when you press the spin button, the wheel has already produced results. Because the computing time of the computer is very short.

When real wheel is spinning, although the result of picking numbers is also random, real game involves physical processes, which is different from online Roulette (Roleta online). The animation presented online is to provide gamblers with a better gaming experience, making the game look more like playing in a land casino.

How to Test if Roulette (Roleta online) is Safe?

Gamblers can test by themselves.

Gamblers can record the results of the wheel each time they play the game. 
After playing thousands of online Roulette (Roleta online) games, you can use statistics to calculate whether your odds are close to the casino numbers.

Play online is hard to fake because any gambler can keep track of whether the odds of the game are fair or not. It's too easy to spot. Of course, this is almost impossible to happen in a well-known online casino.

After reading the article, do you want to start playing? 

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