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Roulette , locally termed Roleta , is a casino game named after the French word. Roulette means little wheel in French. It is one of the longest-standing games in casinos. When it comes to betting on it, there are several famous gamblers in the world who has won all the chips at the table. We will share history of betting tips and analysis of their classic games in betting. The direction in which the wheel spins is an important aspect of their winning.

Roulette wheel master: Gonzalo García Pelayo

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo is a Spanish music producer and film director. In the 1990s, Gonzalo took advantage of the flaws in gambling wheel to devise a legal way to win at casinos. As a result, he became famous for making huge profits by betting on it in casinos around the world. The method he uses is not the physics that everyone thought of, but the statistical method.

Initially, Gonzalo wanted to understand how the dealer placed the ball at the start of the wheel spin. He wondered if the action might be the key to determining the outcome of each round. He was drawn to the gambling wheel table one day as he passed by the casino. He stayed there for six hours, but he didn't bet once. He just recorded the number each time the ball lands. His data even included the names of the dealer. When Gonzalo analyzed these data he was surprised to see that some individual numbers are hit much more than others. For Gonzalo, this suggested that it was not croupiers who influenced the outcomes, but defects in wheels.

He started to notice that some numbers appeared especially frequently. However, a record in six hours is not enough to prove anything. He has to accumulate more data to confirm his crazy ideas. Therefore, he started his life of records. He even wrote a virtual program by himself on the computer.

He entered the data recorded in the casino into the computer every day for a month. Finally, the data calculation shows that the probability of specific numbers appearing is much higher than others. The reason is that the friction between the ball and the wheel is created every time they spin. Over time, the track of the gambling wheel will cause wear. In addition to the long-term use of each wheel, the gears inside will wear out. When wear is caused it will affect it to start to tilt slightly. While the wheel has a slight inclination, the lower side becomes easier to get in.

Another reason is that every time the ball is about to fall into the grid, the ball will collide more or less, causing the grid to wear out due to the collision, making it easier for the ball to fall in. Therefore, every gambling wheel is special. As long as we know which number of deviations each gambling wheel is, we have a chance to win money in the game. According to the data, if you want to know the frequency of each number, you need to record more than 30,000 times on a gambling wheel.

Gonzalo and his family set up a team. He clearly understands that the seamy side of human nature is greed. Gonzalo spent a lot of time teaching his team and even wrote a guide manual before going to the casino to gamble. The members can only place bets on it.

In September 1991, Gonzalo sold some of the music rights for 2,200 dollars. He used it all to fund his bets. They play European roleta which has a house edge of nearly 2.7%. It means you lose 2.70 dollars if you bet 100 dollars at once. However, if Gonzalo bet the number from his data, his winning edge can be 6%. That means he wins 6 dollars for every 100 dollars he bets. While 6% may not sound much, it is a lot. It is because each roleta game only takes one minute. If you bet 100 dollars on each game, you will win 6 dollars. You can play 60 rounds in an hour, which equates to earning 360 dollars in an hour!

They didn't get a good result on the first day, even though they bet according to the strategy. However, they managed their money well, thus they had enough capital to continue betting on these numbers. Whenever they win, they raise their bets, so that they are always betting heavily with their winnings. After one week, their capital had reached 8,000 dollars; after a month, it was 100,000 dollars. The most their team has ever lost was 80,000 dollars in 5 hours! So the most important thing when a professional gambler is the control of capital and risk. Their team has lost 80,000 dollars in 5 hours. They did not fail completely, so the most important thing for professional gamblers is the control of capital and risk. In the long term, it is almost impossible to lose money to them. They operated in this way for a whole year.  
In 1992, Spanish casinos began to discover this team of professional gamblers. As soon as they appeared in the casino, the casino would let some staff to monitor them. But the staff didn't notice anything strange. Finally, they have won $1.1 million in a year!

Christian Kaisan and the Kesselgucken Method

Christian Kaiser is a professional roulette gambler who is probably the most famous gambler in Germany. He successfully cracked the gambling wheel code. He has won too much money to be banned from multiple casinos. He has already been winning some millions in many Casinos over the whole world.  
How did he do it? Let's take a look.

Christian Kaiser once said: "The wheel is a simple mechanical process. The physical process of every machine can be calculated if you have enough data." The way he used it was called the Kesselgucken method. You basically observe the roulette wheel and predict where the ball will fall. The trick is that you are placing your bets as late as possible - right before the croupier says "No more bets". The reason for it is obvious. The later you place your bet, the easier it is for you to estimate where the ball is going to fall.

He started out gambling with Sic Bo. The most he ever won was 70,000 marks. At that time, 70,000 marks was a lot of money. The GDR government fined him for all the money he won in gambling in 1980. The reason was that gambling was illegal, immoral and inconsistent with the subjective values of society. He was even imprisoned for a year and a half for this reason. Christian Kaisan literally bought his freedom from the GDR and started a new life in Hamburg in 1981. He spends a lot of time watching the roulette wheel. In 1984 he finally put his theory to the test. It was at this time that he invented the "Kesselgucken". He can win money at the casino just by watching ball direction.

Did he really break the roulette code in the casino?              

He observes the trajectory and speed of the rotation, and he can accurately determine the area where the ball will fall. His strategy is not to place the odds at one number a time. He always bet 9 numbers at a time. If you assume that 30 is the center, you bet four numbers to the left and four to the right, and you bet a total of 9 numbers each time. He also tries to bet at the latest time as possible. Of course he would lose. It is normal to have errors sometimes. When he wins too many times, he gets noticed by the casino manager. Casinos will also be confused if there is something wrong.

He retired after winning several million euros. Because he is old, it takes too much brainpower to read the disk. The second reason is because he was banned from the casino. Later, the manufacturer of the roulette even redesigned it for the third brother. Some casinos have even switched to betting first before losing the ball.

Joseph Jaggers

A British textile businessman, Joseph Jagger, did not have the opportunity to go to school as a child and worked as an engineer in a factory. After getting married and having children, Joseph Jagger hopes to give his family a better living environment. How did Joseph Jagger, who seemed to have no chance to touch it, become rich through it? Because of a failed investment, Joseph Jagger's textile business went bankrupt, so he had to go to a mill to do low-paying work. Because of his extensive mill experience, Joseph Jagger knows that no wheel is perfect, including gambling wheel. So Joseph Jagger thought there must be something wrong with the casino's also. Joseph Jagger went to Casino Monte Carlo to conduct the experiment. After a period of analysis, it turned out to be the same as what Joseph Jagger thought. There is a roulette wheel where certain numbers appear more frequently due to mechanical problems, 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28 and 29. After discovering a flaw, Joseph Jagger won $375,000 from Casino Monte Carlo, equal to millions dollars today, leaving the casino facing a "break the bank." Thus Joseph Jagger became a legend in Monte Carlo Roulette.

While land casinos can have some mechanical problems with their gambling wheels, online casino do not. Choosing a good online casino can give you a better and fairer gaming experience.

The Story of Doubling Assets

A British entrepreneur, Ashley Revell (born 1971 in Maidstone, Kent), is currently the CEO of FOURDOTME Ltd. Behind the bright and beautiful halo, there is actually a story hidden.

In 2004, Ashley Revell came to the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Ashley Revell sold all of her belongings, raising a total of $135,300. Ashley Revell trades so many dollars in order to double the money on gambling wheel. The outcome of this Roulette Wheel will determine whether Ashley Revell can break out or go to zero. Regarding the outcome, Ashley Revell opted to go all-in on red. Ashley Revell watched very calmly as the balls rolled on the gambling wheel. After waiting for the ball to spin several times around, it finally landed on the Red 7. Yes, that's right, Ashley Revell won the game, turning $135,300 into $270,600.

Movies You Should Watch

The Deer Hunter

The familiar game of Russian Roulette is actually because of one of the top 100 classic movies in film history, and the actor Robert De Niro shot himself in the head!! This starring Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep "The Deer Hunter" describes the life stories of Americans who were displaced before and after the Vietnam War.

The film mainly describes the three protagonists Mike (Robert De Niro), Nick (Christopher Walken) and Stephen (John Cazor) who were hunting friends before they went to Vietnam to fight. While in Vietnam, Nick, Mike, and Steven are captured by the Viet Cong. They are forced to participate in a game. Although Mike was in a hurry and took the opportunity to shoot to help everyone escape, the three of them were still separated during the escape. Only Mike and Stephen escaped successfully.

Both of them are suffering from major psychological and physical trauma. Mike can no longer shoot with a gun, and Stephen is disabled for life. On the eve of the Vietnam War, Mike learned that Nick was still stranded in Saigon. In order to find his old friend, he decided to venture into Vietnam again.

The film uses Russian Roulette (Roleta) to decide their lives. Mike returns to Vietnam to search for Nick. He ends up finding Nick in a gambling den in Saigon. Nick is now a professional gambler but also a heroin addict. He fails to recognise Mike at the den. Mike tries to convince Nick to come back home but he fails. When Mike and Nick end up playing a game, Mike remembers his hunting trips with Nick and talks about them to him. Nick recalls the “one-shot” method and ends up killing himself by pulling the trigger of his gun and killing himself.

The bullet Vanishes

In the early years of the Republic of China, the arsenal in "Tiancheng County" was the largest arsenal in China at that time, but bizarre murders occurred one after another, and the workers were shot to death.

However, there was no warhead at the murder scene. Some people suspected that the murderer was a psychopathic serial killer, but more workers believed that this was the revenge of the female worker who was forced to death by Boss Ding (played by Liao Qizhi).

The workers were furious, they not only found a beautiful female fortune-teller Xiao Yunque (played by Yang Mi) to do divination, but even went on strike to protest.

The police chief Jin (played by Wu Gang) handed over the case to the police officer Song Donglu (played by Liu Qingyun), who is good at deductive reasoning, and the sharp gun detective Guo Zhui (played by Nicholas Tse) for joint investigation. (Jing Boran) died tragically during the investigation.

Song Donglu gradually understood the truth of the matter, but he was unwilling to believe his reasoning. He thought to himself how could be easily shot in the first hand? After correspondence with Fu Yuan (Jiang Yiyan), the murderous female prisoner, Song Donglu was finally willing to reveal the incredible secret.

Songdong Lu found out that the death of the female worker was be murdered. Boss Ding seemed to use the russian roulette method for the female worker to decide her own destiny, but the real secret was that he replaced one bullet with six bullets. The pistol in her hand was full of bullets, and no matter how many shots she fired, she would definitely die. Song Donglu revealed one point before cracking the whole case in sequence.

The Eudaemonic Pie: The Bizarre True Story of How a Band of Physicists and Computer Wizards Took On Las Vegas

This is a book where a group of physics graduate students use microcomputers to predict the outcome of a gambling wheel.  
“The result is a veritable piñata of a book, which, when smashed by the reader’s enthusiastic attention, showers upon him everything from the history of useless roulette systems to the latest developments in chaos theory,” said The New York Times.

This group of graduate students (known as the Eudaemons) designed a microcomputer in the 1970s and 1980s with the intention of winning every battle at Las Vegas Roleta. The computer is about the size of a cigarette pack and is very easy to carry into the Casino. One of them took this microcomputer and went to play it. His task is to wait until itstarts to spin and enter the speed into the microcomputer. As well as that, it is recorded how the ball rotates on it. At this time, the microcomputer will start to calculate and analyze the information on this wheel, and send a signal to another member through radio waves. Another member can then bet on the correct number  based on the analysis. The odds of winning with this tiny device can be improved with a few details. When members enter the status, characteristics and ball, they can increase the winning probability to 44%. The book's author, Thomas Bass, is astonishing and fascinating in describing the process by which a graduate student breaks the gambling wheel. Gamblers who are interested in it can not only play the game, but also read this book to learn more about the interesting aspects.

Kakegurui 2: Ultimate Russian Roulette

Gamblers in the movie play a game before playing Russian Roleta. 
First, the dealer arranges 5 cards on the table according to their preferences. After the croupier has placed the cards, it’s the gamblers’ turn to arrange their cards. Wait for all the people to line up and then showdown together. The gambler with the most cards in the croupier's order wins. At this time, it's not about money, it's that the winner can shoot once, which is the most brutal game. 
Before the game starts, each gambler can freely decide how many bullets to put in the pistol, up to 6 bullets. Throwing the pistol into the box after the bullet is put, the gambler cannot tell which gun is his own. The winning gambler can take a pistol from the box and shoot the loser. In addition, this game has an additional rule: if the winner misses, the loser can shoot the winner again. 
Why do these people want to participate in it? Because for the characters in the movie, the thrill of risking their lives can bring unparalleled pleasure. Winning or losing money doesn't matter to them at all.


Now you know, it cannot guarantee a win on every hand, but you can win more money with some good strategies. No matter what approach you choose, your ultimate goal should always be to have fun. 

If you want to test your own strategies, you can play Roulette (Roleta) wheels here, without risking any cash. 


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