A captivating twist on the classic board game in a live casino setting: Monopoly Live

monopoly live | monopoly casino

Experience the captivating fusion of a classic board game and live casino excitement with Monopoly Live. Learn how to play Monopoly Live and spin the wheel for big wins!

Experience an exhilarating live dealer gaming show with Monopoly Live, featuring charismatic hosts spinning enormous Monopoly money wheels. Immerse yourself in the excitement of three distinct bonus rounds: chance, 2 reels, and 4 reels. Experience the thrill of winning Multiplier Bonuses through Chance Bonuses, and get ready to be transported to a virtual Monopoly table where the potential for substantial rewards awaits with Rollover Bonuses.

To dive into the world of Monopoly Live, simply click the PLAY button above, and you'll be directed to our captivating live casino section where you can partake in the action. If you desire a deeper understanding of how to play Monopoly Live, we invite you to explore the comprehensive review below.

Monopoly Live Review

Dive into the world of Monopoly Live, a captivating live dealer gaming show that combines the allure of the beloved board game with the thrill of a casino. Discover how to play Monopoly Live and experience the familiar elements with exciting twists that will delight fans of the original Mister Monopoly.


Monopoly is arguably the most popular board game of all time, captivating the imagination of families around the world for decades. The classic game of real estate speculation and development has served as the backdrop for numerous slot machines, creating a subgenre within the world of slots. Evolution Gaming introduces its latest creation, MONOPOLY Live, which is not your typical slot game. While there are plenty of Monopoly casino slots available, MONOPOLY Live offers a unique experience reminiscent of their highly popular Dream Catcher live games and Crazy Time casino games. If you've played it before, you already know what to expect: a live casino game with captivating twists that will excite fans of the original board game, especially the charismatic Mister Monopoly. Immerse yourself in Monopoly Live, understand how to play it, and prepare for an unforgettable gaming adventure.
monopoly live | monopoly casino

As with all Evolution Gaming titles, Monopoly Live is a live-streaming game with a fun bonus game. A real human dealer interacts with players in real time via a high-definition web link. The Monopoly-themed wheel is available at any time of the day or night. On your first Monopoly Live spin, you might even win.

With its debut at the ICE 2019 convention, the game has raised the bar for live gaming expectations, and it's well worth a spin or two to see how good it can be. You never know, you might hit the 4 spins bonus round.
monopoly live | monopoly casino

In MONOPOLY Live, players bet on the outcome of a spin of a wheel based on different numerical outcomes. In some ways, it shares features with games like roulette. In addition, it also incorporates 3D augmented reality features, such as Mr. Monopoly, which are at the cutting edge of technology. In addition to the standard game, Monopoly Live offers a number of additional bonuses, so it's certainly not to get boring.

As with real-life versions of the game, dice rolls can present other chances to win, as can re-rolls when you land doubles. In addition to multipliers, you'll also benefit whenever Mr. Monopoly moves from the side of the reels.

Additional features

In the exciting world of Monopoly Live, the primary action takes place on the captivating money wheel. Your objective is to place bets on the outcome of the next spin, but there are more than just numbers on the wheel. Keep an eye out for other positions that can lead to rewarding wins as you play.

Experience the captivating world of Monopoly Live, where the CHANCE card awaits, reminiscent of the beloved board game's iconic cards. Landing on this segment unveils a delightful surprise—an unpredictable cash prize or multiplier bonus, purely dictated by your luck. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring moment as the virtual Mr. Monopoly materializes on the screen, unveiling your chance card. This seamless blend of reality and augmented reality elevates the excitement within Monopoly Live, intensifying the exhilaration of securing an impromptu cash prize. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary realm of Monopoly Live, discover how to play monopoly live, and unlock the endless thrills that await you.

Alongside the standard numbers, you also have the opportunity to land on '2 ROLLS' or '4 ROLLS'. When the wheel stops at either of these positions, the main bonus game kicks off, offering a chance to win even more substantial prizes within the Monopoly Live casino game. Keep your eyes on the ultimate prize—the 4 rolls of the dice bonus, which provides an enhanced opportunity for securing bigger rewards. Embrace the world of Monopoly Live and discover the exhilaration that awaits.

Bonus Feature in Monopoly Live

monopoly live | monopoly casino

With Monopoly Live's bonus game, you'll be transported into a captivating 3D augmented reality world alongside the charismatic Mr. Monopoly. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey through a dynamic 3D Monopoly board, reminiscent of the iconic board game. In this immersive board game, you will navigate through elements such as GO, prisons, houses, and hotels.

It's important to note that only eligible players can actively participate in the bonus game. However, even if you're not eligible, you can still enjoy watching the game unfold. Keep your eyes peeled during the bonus game, as this is where the potential for substantial wins truly comes alive. Discover how to play Monopoly Live and immerse yourself in the captivating world that awaits you.

Here are some steps on how to play Monopoly live

Here's a quick summary of how to play Monopoly Live:
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PartyCasino offers Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live, a casino game, exhibits the characteristics of a modern classic. Upon experiencing a few spins and bonus rounds, the game's value becomes evident. Evolution Gaming, the developer, has proclaimed it as the future of live gaming, and it's hard to dispute that claim. With enticing prizes, engaging bonus features, and all the beloved elements of the Monopoly franchise, this game is definitely worth exploring. If you're interested in learning how to play Monopoly Live, read on to discover the rules and mechanics of the game.

Play Monopoly Live in our live casino area and see for yourself.


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