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Color game online is the way people play perya color game in the Philippines. By using your Samsung mobile phone, you can play and win real money anywhere.

Color Game , full of childhood memories for Filipinos, is one of the popular perya games in the Philippines. With the advancement of technology, it is not difficult at all to play Color Game Online . Do you know what Perya Color Game is? How to play the Color Game online ?

★ Perya Color Game ★

What is Perya Color Game?

Peya Color Game is a game of chance, where you win by guessing the color of the color dice. What you don't know is that many Filipinos help themselves win a lot of real money by playing in perya or playing at an online casino .

Perya Color Game | Color Dice of Color Game | Wooden Box

The color dice consists of six colors, red, yellow, green, blue, white, pink, or purple. 

The props of perya color game consist of three color dice and a wooden box. The boxes are a lot like suitcases. After opening the box, a square frame hangs from the upper half. Place the three colored dice side by side in the square frame. After waiting for the gamblers to place their bets, one of the gamblers or the person in charge will pull up the square frame, allowing the color dice to roll down naturally to the other side of the box. The result will be revealed in a split second as the square frame is pulled up.

As for the method of placing the color dice, each place has its own specifications. Some place the dice based on the result of the previous round into a square frame facing up while some facing out. In some Game Booth, the color dice are rolled to the same position and then placed in the square frame. The rules for placing the color dice are correct as long as the dealer and gambler agree. The method of placing the color dice also differs for the online casinos.

Why do Filipinos like to play perya color game so much?    

As the saying goes, "A carnival without Color Game cannot be called Perya".

It starts with the haunting places. Although you can now use the mobile phone to download APP and play it anytime, anywhere or use a PC to play online, the most traditional and original game booth is actually in Perya, the annual grand carnival amusement park in the Philippines.

The thing that every Filipino looks forward to most when he is a child is to go to Perya with his parents to play together and create beautiful childhood memories together. In addition to bingo and dropping balls, there are many different rides in Perya, such as roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and more. Since the play time is so short and the game process is so simple, playing in Perya fills childhood with fond memories. As a result, when Filipinos see the Color Game Online, whether they realize it or not, they will automatically feel better.

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How To Play Perya Color Game?

The Color Game at Perya doesn't just evoke fond memories for Filipinos. Another factor that makes it so appealing is the chance to double your pocket money by playing them

Because there are three totally same-color dice, if two of the dice are exactly the color of the bet, the chips will be tripled. If all three color dice are the same color, the gambler's money is quadrupled. The doubling and doubling rule makes gamblers addicted to it, and the more they gamble, the more addicted they become. Now, it is convenient for people to play online.

In Perya Color Game, when a gambler walks to the booth, he will see a box with 3 color dice and a six-color board on the table. The gambler can choose to bet on 1, 2 or 4 colors. If choosing to bet on a color, the gambler places the bet directly on the grid of that color. If choosing to bet on two colors, the gambler places the chip on two adjacent colored checkerboard lines. If choosing to bet on four colors, the gambler places the deposit on the intersection of four adjacent colored checkerboard squares. Feeling familiar with the betting method? Yes, it is very similar to Roulette (Roleta), another famous casino game.
 Big Color Game | Nustabet Online Casino

Big Perya Color Game | Traditional Perya

The traditional one has only six colors and is the most familiar type. But there is another super-sized Color Game in Perya! This Big type consists of 10 x 10 color grids with holes in the middle. The four sides of this 100-square grid are surrounded by corresponding color squares. The gameplay of this is similar to the traditional one, where gamblers choose their favorite color to bet on. Next, one of the gamblers or the dealer drops the ball to the 100-square grid in the middle. The game result of the large Color Game is determined by the stop point of the ball.

Color Game Online v.s. Perya Color Game

Perya Color game as well as bingo or Roulette are often seen at festivals or fairs. In the Philippines, this place where you can play lots of games is called Perya. If you happen to be at perya, you can't miss the Game Booths. Many people are addicted to playing color game online because the game is so easy that you can even bet a penny. 

Perya is where I thought it was easy to get happy with just some coins in your pocket and some luck. There I learned that Perya Color Game is like any other game of chance, winning or losing is always half the gamble. 

Because three dice decide everything. A table has six colors. All you have to do is bet one to six colors here. After this, the operator will pull a rope and three wooden blocks will fall. Each area of the block has one of six colors. If any of the colors you bet on appears on the dice, you win! Same rule Online.

Win Perya Color Game | Win Real Money

The three colors that appear on top of the wooden blocks are the winning colors. When you get one of these, the operator will match or pay the amount you bet. In other fairs, they double or triple your winnings when your bet color comes up two or three times in a round.

There is a well-known approach to playing the Perya Color Game and it uses mathematics. For this strategy, you need ₱100 to be your playing capital. If you think you can win with a lower amount, you can also lower your investment.

Once you have an investment, you need to assign a base amount to match. It's okay to start with five pesos because it's not so small that you can still win something but it's also not so big that you'll lose immediately on your first run.

After that, try to bet on a color. Let's say you bet five pesos on the color yellow. When hit, collect the winnings. If you lose, double your bet. In the next round, you bet ten pesos on the color yellow.

If you keep losing, that's okay. Just double your bet over and over again until you win as long as you make sure you only bet on one color and don't change your bet. Perhaps, you are wondering why you have to double your bets every time you lose the Perya Color Game.

You have six colors to choose from and three colors from the wooden boxes will win you. If you bet on three colors, you will lose more because the colors that appear in the wooden boxes must be exact in order for you to get back the money you bet. There will be a digital wooden box for color game online.

You have nothing to lose with this strategy, especially if the color you choose appears more than once. All you have to do is stick to one color. There's a shortcoming to this strategy: it's slow until you say you're actually making a lot of money.

The scientific method of winning a perya color game has been taught, but that doesn't mean you can bet right away. Before even placing your bets, watch the boxes fall and find the two colors that appear most often in each round. Watch about ten rounds before placing your bets. Here are the advantages and shortcomings of Color Game in Perya and Online.

Advantages of Color Game Online

  1. Play Online does not need materials.
  2. The dice will not break Online.
  3. Play anytime and anywhere you want.
  4. Fair Rules and Right Rewards.
  5. Clear game tips, suitable for novice and professional players.

Color Game Online does not need the above materials, all you just need is a mobile phone and download the game app, which has game instructions and betting rules. You also don't need to go to Perya to see how the game is going or which color appears most times.

When the game is in progress, you can observe which color has the highest probability in history. Then when you bet, you can only focus on that color or choose another color to increase the chance of winning.

Another advantage of playing color game online is that the dice will not break. Compared with the physical perya color game dice, because the dice are made of wood, the more the game is played, the higher the probability of the edges and corners of the dice being worn. It is possible to increase the probability of a certain color appearing. This situation will affect the result of your bet.

So Color Game Online, you can not only open the mobile app anytime and anywhere to play, but also make bets easily, you don't need to worry about the factors that may happen on the spot to affect your betting.

Color Game Online: Conclusion

Perya Color Game is a gambling game. When games are about money, winning and losing, and gambling, gamblers are very concerned about the fairness of the game. Of course, it is no exception. The props consist of a chest, three color dice, and a square frame that can be pulled. These three factors have a very strong relationship with the outcome of the Color Game.

Playing at Perya or online used to be just for fun. But gamblers are different. They will be very concerned about whether the Color Game Online is fair and just, because gamblers not only play for entertainment but also hope that their property can be doubled and doubled.

Everyone loves going to Perya because they can also eat delicious food with their family, play a lot of fun perya games, and have the opportunity to increase their pocket money. 

However, due to the epidemic, many regions have not held Perya for a long time. There are also many Filipinos who fly abroad to work in other countries after they grow up, and are unable to return home to participate in Perya for several years. Missed the perya games and other rides, but there was nothing they could do. That's why playing online is so important

Thanks to the advancement of technology and online game providers, now with a computer or mobile phone, you can play anytime, anywhere. The Color Game Online not only has beautiful graphics and game special effects, but also has a fast cash in and cash out system. The most important thing is that the game is created by professional engineers, and each result must be the fairest random result.

Whether in the Philippines or abroad, friends who miss Perya Color Game and megabingo, join the best online casino in the Philippines and start bringing back happy childhood memories!

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