E Sabong in the Philippines: Rise and Fall of a Deadly Craze

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Read about the rise and fall of E Sabong, the popular online cockfighting event. Here are some tips for enjoying the sport responsibly and safely. Discover the cultural and economic impact of E Sabong

E sabong , an online sabong event, has become increasingly popular in the Philippines. As a result of its convenience and accessibility, this deadly craze has quickly gained popularity. However, this rise has not been without consequences. The craze is associated with illegal activities such as gambling and money laundering.

Sabong can have serious repercussions for those who participate in it. While it may seem thrilling and exciting to bet on online sabong, it is important to remember that there are many risks associated with this activity, and people should be aware of the potential dangers before taking part. The sport can be enjoyed without putting oneself in danger or violating any laws if people understand and care for it properly.

In the Philippines, Sabong is a popular pastime. Betting on virtual roosters is a form of virtual cockfighting. A national craze, it has generated millions of dollars in profits for those involved over the past decade.

Legal issues and public outcry have recently caused the craze to wane. Some online platforms have banned it because it is now illegal in many places. Filipinos are beginning to shake off the deadly craze of sabong, despite its popularity.

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What you need to know about the Rise of E Sabong in the Philippines   

It is reported that the e sabong craze, where individuals watch and bet on cockfighting through online platforms, had a significant contribution to the Philippine economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend, however, had a severe impact on the citizens of the country.

During the height of the sabong craze, crime rates surged significantly, with all segments of society, including law enforcement officials, looking for ways to pay off their mounting debts. Sabong addiction led to an increase in robberies, kidnappings, and even murders.

Despite these devastating social consequences, sabong's growth was rapid, and its decline was excruciatingly slow. Government tax profits, powerful gambling tycoons, and a President who failed to recognize sabong's social impact until it was almost too late contributed to this.

With a new government in power and online sabong now banned, the effects of the betting craze persist.

There has been significant damage to Filipino society due to the sabong craze, with families being torn apart, debts remaining unpaid, and many fearing its return. It is important to recognize the devastating social impacts caused by online sabong and work towards preventing its resurgence in the future, while others may wish to see it return.

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The New Normal, the Old Sport 

The Philippines' gambling industry suffered greatly when travel restrictions were put in place to combat COVID-19 because of this reliance on international bettors. During this time, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) claimed to have lost P5-6 billion (approximately $88.5-106 million) a month. Coronavirus forced the Philippines to close its borders as well as restrict its citizens' movements and gatherings. Numerous cultural, sporting, and gambling events, including cockfighting, were banned as a result.

In an effort to support the gambling industry through this difficult time, the Philippine government made online gambling available to the country’s populace. In addition to providing a means of gambling, e sabong provided a culturally important form of entertainment.

Playing online sabong requires only a smart device, and is available 24/7. With a low minimum bet threshold of P100 (approximately $1.78) and no need to travel to a physical fighting pit, many Filipinos soon became addicted. Over 5 million e sabong players were estimated in December 2021.

E Sabong's Social Costs

E Sabong, or Online Sabong, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Despite this, the social costs of this activity are often overlooked. In addition to increasing gambling addiction and financial losses, it also negatively impacts the health of participants and their families. As well as encouraging irresponsible behavior and criminal activities such as money laundering, it can negatively impact society as a whole. Individuals should be aware of these social costs before engaging in sabong in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to do so.

Online Sabong has become increasingly popular in the Philippines over the past few years. Due to its popularity, serious concerns have been raised about its social costs. Gambling addiction and the exploitation of animals for entertainment are two examples.

A rise in e sabong has been accompanied by an increase in illegal gambling activities and animal cruelty cases related to sabong. Besides financial losses, online sabong also causes psychological and physical harm to participants and animals. Participation in this activity can also lead to legal repercussions, such as hefty fines or even jail time.

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The Journey Continues for E Sabong

In the Philippines, online sabong is still a legal, popular, and culturally significant sport worth approximately $1 billion. In contrast to sabong, which is permitted 24/7, the sport can be played only on Sundays, national holidays, and town festivals, making opportunities to gamble and become addicted much less plentiful.

The 1974 sabong Law emphasizes the importance of online sabong in the Philippines. It labels sabong as “a popular, traditional, and customary form of recreation and entertainment among Filipinos” and one that should be used as “a vehicle for the preservation and perpetuation of native Filipino heritage and, thereby, enhance our national identity.”

All classes and professions take interest in the sport in Filipino society. Sabong is also commonly used as a metaphor for life in the Philippines, where only the strongest survive. Akin to the sabong Olympics, the World Slasher Cup is the culmination of the Philippine online sabong calendar.

The event will take place over seven days at the Araneta Coliseum, the same venue where Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier fought in "Thrilla in Manila". There are competitors from around the world.

Sabong is not universally popular. As a matter of fact, the sport is banned in most countries and is deemed barbaric by many animal rights groups.

PETA has also reported instances of breeders mutilating their animals and injecting them with performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids outside of competitions. A Filipino police officer lost his femoral artery when breaking up an illegal online sabong due to a rooster cutting their femoral artery. Sabong can also pose a danger to human life. 

e sabong, online sabong 

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