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Fredrinn, top mobile legends heroes in MPL PH, left home at an early age in search of freedom and adventure, rejecting the luxuries of the aristocratic life. While exploring an ancient altar in Sin City, Fredrinn and his friend Frey stumble upon a sinister ritual.     

As the figure of the evil mysterious man ran wildly, the ruins collapsed. In the chaos, Frey activated the magic crystal to save Fredrinn. As soon as Fredrinn woke up, the blue pointer of Frey's magic compass was spinning wildly, as if looking for its owner.     

As a treasure appraiser, Fredrinn moves to Vice City in search of clues that will help him find Frey.     

Mobile Legends Heroes that are effective against Fredrinn include:     

Assassins - Assassins are ML Heroes who excel at killing enemy heroes quickly, and their mobility and burst damage makes them great counters to Fredrinn. The assassins Helcurt, Selena, and Gusion are very effective against Fredrinn.     

Warrior - Warriors are ML Heroes with balanced damage and durability, and can often take Fredrinn's attacks while dealing a lot of damage in return. Chou, Leomord, and Aldous are effective fighters against Fredrinn.     

Crowd Control Heroes - Crowd control heroes are ml heroes that can disrupt and disable enemy heroes, preventing them from using abilities or moving freely. This works especially well against Fredrinn since she relies heavily on her ability to deal damage. There are a number of crowd-control heroes that can be effective against Fredrinn, including Kaja, Johnson, and Aurora.     

High Magic Resistance Heroes - Fredrinn deals magic damage, so high magic resistance ml heroes can reduce her damage output. Uranus, Grock, and Gatotkaca are heroes with high magic resistance that can be effective against Fredrinn.     

Fighting Fredrinn involves sabotaging her abilities, preventing her from dealing damage, and exploiting her weaknesses. Fredrinn can be defeated by choosing Mobile Legends Heroes that work well for her and playing smart. 

Fredrinn | mobile legends heroes | resilient stormtrooper ml heroes

Mobile Legends Heroes Fredrinn's skills     

Fredrinn's power comes from the magic spar that Frey gave him. His health regenerates based on the damage he takes, making him a very resilient stormtrooper ml hero.     

Passive Crystal Armor

Fredrinn gains 1 combo point each time he hits a non-soldier unit with his ability. His three abilities and his ultimate are activated by combo points. The damage Fredrinn has taken in the past 5 seconds is stored as Crystal Armor Durability, and the damage he deals with is converted to 25% of his health.     

1st mlbb heroes Skill - Stabbing Heart

Fredrinn swings his sword forward, slowing enemies by 30% and increasing the range of his next basic attack.     

Second mlbb heroes skill - the brave pursuit     

When Fredrinn moves in the specified direction, it deals physical damage to the first non-soldier organization it hits. Next, he throws the target into the air with a basic attack.     

Third mlbb heroes Skill - Crystal Terror     

In addition to dealing physical damage to nearby enemies, Fredrinn also taunts them for 1 second. When this skill is activated, Faden gains additional physical and magical defense and reduces the cooldown of skill 1 and skill 2 by 75%. Costs 1 combo point.

Stunt - Slashing Sky Crystal     

After a short delay, Fredrinn slams his sword into a fan-shaped area in the direction of the target. Enemies in the center of the area take 175% critical damage. Consumes three combo points.

Mpl ph's advice on Restraining Fredrinn ML Hero

Using skill is key to Fredrinn's ability to make a big impact on the game. Using enough slows and stuns to prevent him from doing combos and recovering will greatly reduce his tank defense.     

  • To prevent him from "stealing" health with his attacks, use a lot of slows and stuns.     
  • Make good use of your time instead of trying to kill him in seconds. You can limit the amount of health he regenerates by optimizing your damage abilities.     
  • You can ignore a lot of his defense by using ml heroes that do a lot of damage in the late game.     

Mobile Legends Heroes Against Fredrinn     

First ML Heroes against Fredrinn | Karrie

Karrie | mobile legends heroes against Fredrinn

With her Nimbus, Karrie can easily break through Fredrinn's strong defensive structures, dealing real damage over time. The Phantom Stealth move has a low cooldown and is useful when chasing Fredrinn or dodging his crowd control and health regeneration.     

Karrie is a mobile sharpshooter of ml heroes who is able to control the distance and fight with Fredrinn without a problem. You may want to save your ult and use it when he is unable to move, or when no one is able to trigger his health regeneration.     

Second ML Heroes against Freddrin | Baxia

Baxia | Second mobile legends heroes against Fredrinn

It is also possible to use Baxia and fight Fredrinn if fighting and running are not your style. Fredrinn's eyes are filled with grime from this tank ml hero's passive. Baxia's "Xuanling Seal" reduces the enemy's shield and health recovery by 30%, and reduces the final damage he receives by 25 points.     

In the mid-game, use "Broken Yuanshield" to further reduce his health regeneration, and use "Shenwuweiwei" (time-varying damage) to burn him to death in the late game. It's attack time!     

Third ML Heroes against Fredrinn | Dyrroth

Dyrroth | Third mobile legends heroes against Fredrinn

The power of the abyss can crush Fredrinn with Dyrroth. As a result of his low cooldown ability, he has a steady output of damage that can make his health regeneration ineffective. With his passive, Dyrroth can also restore health.     

Use Explosive Strike to knock Fredrinn down, and Shadow Step to move before attacking with Abyss Strike.     

Dyrroth can crush Fredrinn with the power of the abyss. Because of his low cooldown, he has a steady output of damage that can make health regeneration ineffective. Dyrroth is one of ml heroes that can also restore health with his passive.     

Before attacking with Abyss Strike, use Explosive Strike to knock Fredrinn down and Shadow Step to move.     

Fourth ML Heroes against Fredrinn | Gloo

Gloo | Third mobile legends heroes against Fredrinn

Fredrinn is making waves at the front of the pack. Put Gloo in a stalemate by using his invulnerable slowdown abilities and crowd control skills to put him in a bind. The sticky effect can be applied using your two abilities, and if he enters the range of your ultimate, you can use your ultimate to drag him out of the range of damage.     

Fifth ML Heroes against Freddrin | Wanwan

Wanwan | Fifth mobile legends heroes against Fredrinn

Wanwan's success against Fredrinn was due to his high mobility and real damage. Use hidden weapons to knock him down and get out of his range. You can take advantage of his invulnerability if he closes the distance with Chase. Use the second ability to "remove self ailments" if he manages to use crowd control on you.     

To conclude Mobile Legends Heroes against Fredrinn

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