Here are the best MLBB Heroes you need to try in 2023 MPL PH

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Here are our picks for the best mlbb heroes in the MPL PH game! In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 2023, are you ready to dominate the battlefield?

Are you an mlbb player looking to take down targets with high burst damage and exceptional speed? Look no further than our selection of assassin mlbb heroes from MPL PH. Our selection of assassin heroes is ideal for players who want to take out their opponents quickly and efficiently. From Gusion to Hayabusa, these characters have the ability to unleash massive amounts of damage in a short span of time, making them perfect for taking out enemies in a flash. You can dominate the battlefield with our selection of mlbb heroes.

If you want to take down your opponents quickly and efficiently, the MPL PH assassin mlbb heroes are perfect for you. Assassins can take down any target with ease due to their high burst damage and incredible speed. Not only that, but their nimble nature allows them to move around the battlefield with ease, making it difficult for enemies to keep track of them. If you're looking for a hero that can deliver quick kills and make a huge impact on the battlefield, then our pick of assassin heroes is the perfect choice!

MPL PH Best Assassin Heroes - Explosive Damage Dealer       

Do you need a hero who can eliminate your enemies with surgical precision and stealth? Our pick of assassin heroes is perfect. These nimble killers have enough skill and speed to take down any target, with high burst damage, excellent mobility, and the ability to pounce when you least expect it!       

MLBB Heroes | Joy

Joy mpl ph | Best Assassin Heroes | mlbb heroes

Joy’s Feline Ranger Basic skin                       

Once Miracle Lightning made its debut at MPL ph, it made a huge impact. Due to the hero's unique abilities and mechanics, she has the potential to shape the content of the game and lead the team to victory. It may take some practice to understand and master her style of play, but with effort, almost any game can be mastered. If you want to shine in the Dawnlands, you should consider heroes.                       

MLBB Heroes | Benedetta

Benedetta mpl ph | Best Assassin Heroes | mlbb heroes

Benedetta's Death Oath Collector Skin

In every game since her release, MPL ph has proven to be a must-try hero. Bellanita's excellent mobility has made her a favorite among MPL players due to her ability to move across the field with ease. Casual players and pros alike will find the Bellanita's agility to be a formidable opponent. This year, don't be surprised if she dominates.         

MPL PH Best Mage Hero – Mid Laner     

To ignite their victory, every team needs a skilled mage hero. As a result of their ability to unleash massive burst damage and facilitate crowd control, they can turn the tide of battle quickly. Mage's magical abilities are capable of igniting the battlefield with destructive force, even if they may not have the strongest defenses.     

MLBB Heroes | Yve

Yve mpl ph | Best Mage Hero | mlbb heroes

In the star hermit, harnesses the power of the universe to unleash cataclysmic magic on her enemies by harnessing the power of the universe. The combination of her area of effect (AOE), crowd control, and high burst damage abilities make her a very powerful mage hero that is easy to use but also offers a challenge if you want to learn how to master it. Whether you're an experienced player or new to the game, Ihe is a worthy addition to your team.         

MLBB Heroes | Valentina

Valentina mpl ph | Best Mage Hero | mlbb heroes

Prophet of Night is a mage hero whose versatility makes her stand out on the battlefield. Valentina can duplicate the ultimate of any enemy hero, enabling her to provide her team with more burst damage during team fights. When Valentina is on your team, you'll have a hero who can adapt to any situation and turn the tide of battle in your favor. As well as being able to copy any skin, she can also create her own!         

MPL PH Best Fighter – Experience Road

In addition to having a powerful punch, these fighters are also able to absorb damage to protect their teammates. The fact that there are so many fighters to choose from can make it difficult to make a decision. It is important to keep in mind that these melee fighters are going to bring heavy-hitting action to the battlefield.

MLBB Heroes |  Leomord

Leomord mpl ph | Best Fighter | mlbb heroes

The Oathkeeper Knight, one of the strongest warrior heroes in MPL, will be the dominant force on the battlefield. With his impressive dueling prowess and tank-like durability, Rhinerock is a formidable carry hero who can provide his allied units with game-changing engagements that can change the course of the game.

MLBB Heroes |  Balmond

Balmond mpl ph | Best Fighter | mlbb heroes

There is no better jungler than Bloodbath if you are looking for a strong jungler for your team. In addition to his desperate counterattacks, Bamon's battlefield spells make him a brutal force on the battlefield, capable of quickly protecting the game's objectives. There is no doubt that in the fast-paced world of MPL, having a reliable jungler like Bamon can be the key to winning.

Top scorer in the MPL PH - Defensive striker     

As a team, we need a fierce and reliable hero to obliterate our opponents in the heat of battle. Here is where the shooter comes into play. In late-game team fights, you will need a hero that can deal massive damage, have high critical strike potential, and have an impressive range in order to make the biggest impact. You will be better equipped to take out your enemies if you have the right marksman on your team, and you will emerge victorious if you have the right marksmen on your team.         

MLBB Heroes | Lesley

Lesley mpl ph | Top scorer | mlbb heroes

As a marksman, the Sniper has rocketed to the top of the tiered list thanks to her friendly mechanics and recent updates, both of which have been very successful. Due to her impressive mobility and stealth, she is a formidable force on the battlefield, making it possible for her to take down her opponents before they even realize that she is there.         

MLBB Heroes | Beatrix

Beatrix mpl ph | Top scorer | mlbb heroes

The Raiders of Daybreak are a famous group of marksmen. The fact that Boudica is equipped with four different weapons allows her to adapt to any situation and deliver a variety of damage to her adversaries. It does not matter whether you are fighting in ranked mode or whether you are seeking a skilled fighter to add to your team, Boudica is a must-try hero in 2023.         

MPL PH Best Tank – Unsung Heroes     

Tanks are the unbreakable pillar heroes of any team, using their immense durability and strength to protect their teammates and build devastating tactics to aid in the victory of their team. There is no doubt that tanks are the unsung heroes of the battlefield, whether they are leading the charge, controlling crowds, or sacrificing their lives to save their teammates. In the absence of them, chaos would reign supreme on the planet. Therefore, if you want to gain the upper hand in team fights, you will need a reliable tank in order to do so!     

MLBB Heroes | Akai

Akai mpl ph | Best Tank | mlbb heroes

Akai's Imperial Assasin Epic skin     

During recent MPL matches, Panda Warrior's popularity as a tank hero has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. Having a variety of different skills and abilities, Akai is a powerful fighter who is able to disrupt enemy formations with his high damage output and range of skills. As a result of Akai's signature move, "Jack Spin," he is capable of spinning and knocking down enemies, making him a great opponent in team battles.     

MLBB Heroes |  Fredrinn

Fredrinn mpl ph | Best Tank | mlbb heroes

Fredrinn's Regal Renegade Basic skin         

The Heavy MG is a very powerful weapon that can deal a lot of damage while taking multiple hits from the enemy at once. It is Fayden's ability to absorb damage and stay strong in a team fight that makes him such a menacing presence on the battlefield. Keep an eye out for Fayden as he bursts into battle, ready to engage his foes and take them out.         

Best Support - Healing & Protection from MPL PH     

Support heroes may not always be in the spotlight, but they play a crucial role in keeping teammates alive and protected in the event of a battle. The support heroes are always ready to lend a helping hand to their teammates, whether they are protecting them from enemy attacks or healing them.     

MLBB Heroes |  Angela

Angela mpl ph | Best Support | mlbb heroes

Angela’s Floral Elf Collector skin         

Meet Sweetheart, Endless Rivals' versatile support hero with powerful healing abilities. Not only is she good at keeping her teammates alive, but Andra also has a passive ability that allows her to roam the battlefield quickly. In addition to being a support, Andra can also play as a roaming hero, she is good at protecting her lane and dealing poke damage to opponents. So, if you're looking for a solid hero to support your team and hold your ground, give Andro a chance in 2023!

MLBB Heroes |  Faramis

Faramis mpl ph | Best Support | mlbb heroes

Faramis’ Royal Magus Elite skin         

Eternal Soul Master is a powerful mage support hero with impressive healing abilities. A passive ability of Phramis allows him to collect souls from fallen organizations, which can be used to restore his health and drastically reduce the time it takes for him to respawn after death. Faramis is not just a support hero - he's got a high damage output that makes him a valuable addition to any team as a support mage due to his high damage output. In spite of the fact that Faramis has a short cooldown, he is always ready to protect his allies and take out his opponents.         

In conclusion         

Ready to dominate the battlefield in MPL ph in 2023? Take advantage of our selection of the best heroes for each tier of the game! Do you have a list of your favorite heroes that you would like to share with us? Feel free to drop a line in the comments section below if you have any questions!         


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