The Top 5 MLBB Heroes with Highest Win Rate in MPL PH Season 11

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Are you curious about who is the best hero in mobile legends? Do you get tired of losing in MLBB? Here are the Top 5 ml heroes that will help you dominate mobile legends.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, with millions of players from different countries. In the Philippines, the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) is the premier tournament for MLBB players. The MPL PH features the best teams and players from the country, competing for the championship and a chance to represent the Philippines in international tournaments.

To succeed in MPL PH, players need to have a good understanding of the game mechanics, strategy, and ml hero picks. Choosing the right ml hero for a particular match can have a significant impact on the success or failure of the match. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 mobile legends characters that you should consider using in your next game.

The Top 5 ML Heroes with Highest Win Rate in MPL PH

The mobile legends characters listed below have the highest win rate in MPL PH Season 11. Gloo tops the list with an impressive 65.00% win rate, followed closely by Lancelot and Karrie. Despite the fact that these heroes may not be the easiest to use, they are certainly worth mastering if you want a better chance of winning.

Top 1 ML Hero | Gloo - 65.00%

Gloo | Top 1 mobile legends heroes in mpl ph season 11

Gloo is a Tank ml hero in MLBB. With the ability to stretch and morph its body in order to block enemy attacks and trap opponents. There is one skill that Gloo can use in MPL PH, the slam skill. With this skill, Gloo leaves behind a goo that explodes after 3 seconds, dealing magical damage to nearby enemies and immobilizing them as well. The passive skill of Gloo, sticky, slows down enemies. His ultimate skill is split, which can splits himself into 12. When used effectively, Gloo can disrupt enemy movements, isolate key targets, and protect allies from harm. As a versatile ml hero, Gloo is popular among MPL PH players.

Top 2 ML Hero | Lancelot - 64.29%

Lancelot | Top 2 mobile legends heroes in mpl ph season 11

Lancelot is an Assassin ml hero, known for his swift movements, high burst damage, and stylish playstyle. With a pair of swords in hand, he excels in closing gaps, dealing critical strikes, and avoiding attacks from his enemies. Lancelot's skills include Puncture, Thorned Rose, Phantom Execution, Soul Cutter, and Thorned Rose's Mark. The Lancelot character can offer his team the advantage of dealing with squishy enemy heroes, snowballing the game in their favor, and escaping dangerous situations easily when used effectively. While Lancelot has a low HP, he is vulnerable to crowd control effects and burst damage, since he has a low HP. Due to his high skill ceiling and flashy gameplay, Lancelot is one of the most popular picks mobile legends characters among MPL PH players. Lancelot can be a formidable ml hero in the right hands, as long as he practices a lot and develops a lot of skills.

Top 3 ML Hero | Karrie - 60.98%

Karrie | Top 3 mobile legends heroes in mpl ph season 11

Karrie is a Marksman ml hero, known for her high mobility, consistent damage output, and ability to shred through enemy armor. She wields a pair of chakrams and excels at kiting, chasing down enemies, and dealing damage from a safe distance. Karrie's skills include Spinning Light Wheel, Phantom Step, Speedy Lightwheel, and Lightwheel Mark. Among its passive skills, Lightwheel Mark is one that adds a light wheel mark to the enemy with every basic attack it makes. As soon as the target receives five light wheel marks, it can penetrate the target and cause serious damage to the enemy. As an MPL PH team fight player, Karrie can easily be one of the most powerful mobile legends characters on your team, taking down turrets and objectives that the enemy team is trying to capture with ease.

Top 4 ML Hero | Paquito - 60.00%

Paquito | Top 4 mobile legends heroes in mpl ph season 11

Paquito is a Fighter ml hero, known for his boxing-inspired gameplay, high burst damage, and sustained damage, which makes him a unique mobile legends characters in MPL PH. However, it is worth mentioning that he is actually the first ml hero that has received a Tagalog voice-over, a fact that should be emphasized. The man wields a pair of gloves and is skilled at initiating fights, dealing critical blows, and healing himself. Paquito's skills include Heavy Left Punch, Jab, Champ Stance, and Knockout Strike.  Paquito can easily burst down enemy heroes and sustain damage when used effectively.

Top 5 ML Hero | Diggie - 58.82%

Diggie | Top 5 mobile legends heroes in mpl ph season 11

Diggie is a Support ml hero, but he's not your typical support hero. As a mechanical bird that transforms into a clock, he has some tricks up his sleeve that can turn the tide of battle. His Auto Alarm Bomb skill allows him to throw bombs at enemies that explode after a short delay, dealing damage and stunning them. In addition, he can use Reverse Time to turn back the clock and restore his and his allies' HP to what it was just a few seconds ago. It is Diggie's passive skill, Young Again, that truly makes Diggie stand out in MPL PH. With this skill, he can revive fallen allies from the dead, giving them a second chance at life. This ability can completely turn the tide of a losing battle, allowing your team to make a comeback even when things seem hopeless.

Conclusion - Top 5 ML Hero in MPL PH 

To conclude, these top 5 MLBB heroes in MPL PH with the highest win rate can be powerful picks for players looking to dominate. While playing in a team is important, it is also crucial that you remember that winning matches also requires skill, strategy, and teamwork. As long as players practice and understand mobile legends characters well enough, they can use these ml heroes to their advantage and climb the ranks as fast as they can.


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