MPL PH Season 11 Playoffs: The Ultimate Guide to Schedule, Results, Format, and Where to Watch

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Get Ready for MPL ph Season 11 Playoffs and Bet on Your Favorite Teams with Nustabet. From Results to Betting, Here's What You Need to Know!

The MPL PH Season 11 Playoffs are scheduled to start on 4th May. The tournament will feature 6 MPL PH franchise teams competing for the championship title. It is a high stakes competition as the champion will receive the lion's share of the US$100,000 prize pool and a spot in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023) in Cambodia.

Here's a look at the teams competing, the schedule, the format, the results, and more for the MPL PH Season 11.

Differences Between Regular Season and Playoff MPL

The MPL (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League) regular season and playoffs have several key differences.

Firstly, First of all, the regular season is usually a double round-robin competition with 10 participating teams. In order to qualify for the playoffs, each team must play a total of 18 games and the top eight teams will advance.  
The playoffs are single-elimination. Among the eight teams participating, the top two will advance automatically to the semi-finals, the other six will play four elimination games, and the last four that advanced to the semi-finals will play a single-elimination match.

Secondly, in the regular season, each team plays against every other team, with the higher-ranked teams earning more points. In the playoffs, if the scores are tied, an overtime period is played until a winner is determined.

Finally, the MPL playoffs offer higher prize money and prestige for the champion team, as well as the opportunity to represent their country in international esports competitions.

MPL PH Season 11 Playoffs Team List

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  • Blacklist International
  • Bren Esports
  • ECHO
  • Nexplay EVOS
  • Omega Esports
  • ONIC Phillippines
  • RSG Slate PH
  • TNC Pro Team

MPL PH Season 11 Schedule

The MPL PH Season 11 playoffs will take place from May 5 to 7, featuring a hybrid elimination format.  
3rd to 6th seeded teams compete in Round 1 (Single elimination). 
1st and 2nd seeded teams receive a round bye and will start in Round 2 (Double elimination).

All the games are supposed to be Best of 5 (Bo5) matches. The Grand Finale will be played in a Best of 7 (Bo7) format.

Playoffs, Day 1

Thursday, 04 May
1:00 PMBlacklist International vs Omega Esports
5:00 PMRSG Slate PH vs ONIC Phillippines

Playoffs, Day 2

Friday, 05 May
1:00 PMECHO vs [Winner of Match 1]
5:00 PMBren Esports vs [Winner of Match 2]

Playoffs, Day 3

Saturday, 06 May
11:00 AM[Loser of Match 3] vs [Loser of Match 4]
1:00 PM[Loser of Match 3] vs [Winner of Match 5]
5:00 PM [Winner of Match 3] vs [Winner of Match 4]

Playoffs, Day 4 - Grand Finals

Sunday, 07 May
5:00 PM [Winner of Match 6] vs [Winner of Match 7]

Get Ready for MPL Season 11 Playoffs and Bet on Your Favorite Teams with Nustabet

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Where to Watch the Playoffs?

For those who want to catch all the action, the playoffs will be streamed live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's official media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Fans can also follow Nustabet online e sport blog for more Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and MPL updates.


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